It’s all a matter of balance, right?—sugar, salt, butter, flour or veggies and omega 3s. Is a large cupcake and a little sushi after exercise the same as a small cupcake and a lot of sushi– sans the exercise?

sushi & cuppi

It’s a balance issue which is the principle behind Just Do It.  For over 25 years, Nike has been working to help cake-lovers achieve parity between cake-eating and exercise, which is why Nike continues to use cake-eating athletes in their ads.  Note the determination on their faces as they head to the finish line and that next slice of cake.

With a little help from Yin and Yang and that balance thing, you CAN have your cake and eat it too. Remember to Just Do It or something close to it—to burn some calories so that you can swiftly arrive at that next slice of cake.

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