Sara’s Turning 60!

This white, black, and gold party table was created for a 60th birthday celebration held at the historically gorgeous Doylestown Inn.

BlackWhiteGold Sweet Table 60th Birthday Party 2 Tier Cake, White & Gold Cake Pops
(187)BlackWhiteGold Table


Oh, that magical, elegant element…gold!

The cake is a two-tier vanilla cake covered in fondant and sprinkled with gold. The fantasy flowers have a bit of that magic added to their edges. So pretty in white, black and that gold.

White two tier fondant cake with gold sugar ledges, white and black fondant fantasy flowers tipped in gold
(187) White Black Gold Celebration Cake


It’s not a party until someone breaks into the cake-pops!

These sticks-up cake-pops are filled with a luscious, black speckled banana cake dipped in white Belgian chocolate and sprinkled with bits of gold. These babies are nibbled early because they pair so fabulously with signature drinks. Cake pops and champagne? Absolutely–it’s a lifestyle for some.

White Cake Pops with Gold Sugar
(187) White&Gold CakePops


Okay, Cookie….it’s time to drink libations and dance on the tables!

Since forever, chocolate chip cookies have been invited to parties. These caramel drizzled dolls are dressed up for their elegant cocktail party appearance with fondant flowers and a fondant name plaque.

(187) Choc.Chip Cookies with salted caramel, white fondant flowers, "SARA" fondant name plaque
(187) Choc.Chip Cookies


Oh, what a night!

A fantastic party!  An awesome group of friends! Happy, Happy 60 Sara!!!

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