This Jungle Cupcake Tower was created for Dilan’s First Birthday Party held at the trendy Stoneybrook Grille in North Branch, New Jersey.

Little Cupcakes for Little Hands

The Tower is filled with mini cupcakes. This way little guests (and big ones too) can take more than one.  And take one for each hand!  Or take one of each color!

The colorful frosting is an Italian Meringue and the chocolate frosting–a classic American Buttercream.

The kid-friendly cupcake flavors are chocolate, vanilla, chocolate chip, and red velvet.


1st Birthday Jungle Cupcake tower with Baby Elephant Cake Topper
(128) Baby El Jungle Cupcake Tower


Because every cupcake tower needs a cake topper.

This one is no different! A combination of fondant leaves, vines, and parrots reflect the cupcake colors, making this an eye-catching crown.


Jungle Cupcake Tower, Baby Elephant Cake Topper for First Birthday Party
(128) Jungle Cupcake Cake Tower, Baby Elephant Cake Topper


So who doesn’t love smash cake?

The birthday boy, that’s who.

This little guy was so not a fan. He likes clean fingers and wouldn’t touch it, so there was definitely some #SmashCakeDrama.


Jungle Tower Orange Smash Cake
Jungle Cupcake Tower Smash Cake


Did the smash cake bring his wild side?

Nope. Couldn’t coax him. But it was smashed by the “face” of a fun spirited uncle. Wild, right?

So you see, cakes really do make the party “a party.”  And jungle cakes definitely make us go a little wild.


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