A Fairy Garden Cake adds a bit of  birthday magic to any party and this one celebrating Audrey’s 4th was especially magical. Sprinkling just the right amount of fairy dust into the batter is key. And this cake became a bit more whimsical and wondrous as a result. Legend has it that when the parents’ aren’t looking, little ones are a bit lighter on their feet–even airbourne for a second or two.

Fairy Garden Cake: White Buttercream with Pink "4" pink and white flowers, fondant Fairy Garden Topper Plaque
(196) Fairy Garden Cake

Audrey’s fairy party included a cupcake tower of vanilla cupcakes sprinkled with white and pink flowers. Her tower topper was a chocolate cake covered in a rustic buttercream with pink and white flowers and a fairy garden door embossed with “Audrey’s Fairy Garden”.

A special thanks to her mom, Jennifer, for reaching out to us!  Happy Day Audrey!!! You really are the sweetest and fairest in the land!

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