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Art-Center Wedding

This Art-Center Wedding was Picture Perfect!  I had the honor of creating a sweet table and wedding cake for Rob and Kelly Fratamico.  Their gorgeous wedding was held at the newly renovated Abington Art Center.

PicturePerfect Art-Center Party Table
(162) Art-Center Wedding Table

Since the theme of the wedding was art, the bride’s family showcased their beautiful creations at the reception. As guests strolled about the galleries, there were loads of amazing portraits, landscapes, oils, watercolors and the most cherished:  the bride’s painted keepsake boxes. Kelly’s favorite cake is coconut. Hence, the wedding cake, a 3-tier coconut cake “framed” like a picture. She adores sunflowers which were the perfect topper!

Picture Perfect Art-Center Wedding Cake with Sunflowers Framed like a Picture
(162) Art-Center Wedding

The catering by Joshua’s Catering was awesome. Their incredibly pleasant and energetic staff was fantastic.  My favorite part was the Philly Photobox. It was silly family Facebook fun!

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Rustic Roses Wedding Cake (120)

Rustic Roses (120) Ombre Colors & Flavors
Rustic Roses (120) Ombre Colors & Flavors

This beauty is a double ombre treat!  The colors move from deep pink to medium to light pink, as do the corresponding flavors of  raspberry, strawberry, and pink lemonade Swiss Meringue Buttercream.

A simple line pattern stripes the buttercream, as shades of the shabbiest pinks add a soft focal point to the top ledges of cake.

Keeping it classic and sophisticated, a cream cheese pound cake with almond SMBC filling was used for a little southern sophistication, appreciated during a cold, northern February.


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