Birthday Cakes

Princess Cake

Perfect for a Princess

This Sweet Table with Princess Cake was created for Harper’s First Birthday Celebration!

Party table with pink gems, crown favor cookies and smash cake along side a 5 Tier Cupcake tower filled with pink minis topped with gold crowns and a top tier Princess cake of pink rosettes, pearl centers, and a gold rubbed tiara.
(189) Princess Table

 Pinning and More Pinning….

Harper’s Mom, Stephaine, was on it! The result?  An absolutely stunning backdrop for Harper’s smash cake, cupcake tower, topper cake, gems, and cookie favors that slides right into Pinterest‘s Hall of Fame!

Topper Princess cake of pink rosettes, pearl center and a gold rubbed tiara.
(188) Princess Topper

Every Princess Needs a Crown

The pink frosting and gold crown makes for a fantastic design from which the enormous pink flowers and gold speckled EVERYTHING plays off of.

Vanilla Bean Shortbread Princess "Harper" Crown Cookie with light pink almond run sugar and beads
(189) Princess Favor

Sweet Princess

Harper truly was a Princess today. And I’m pretty sure she will continue to be the sweetest of  Princesses every sweet minute of her life.  Happy Happy 1st !!!

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Spaghetti Pot Cake

Pop-Pop’s 85!!!

Trying to keep in the spirit of 85 years of Italian heritage AND birthday awesomeness, this Spaghetti Pot Cake  was created  to celebrate my father-in-law’s 85th birthday.

Spaghetti Pot Cake, Terra Cotta Tile Board
(188) Spaghetti Pot Cake

Ahhh That Amazing Sunday Gravy!

Even though 65 of his 85 years were spent in  America, that long, beautiful Boot of Italy continues to stretch across the ocean remaining the homeland of his heart. What better way to celebrate the old school tradition of “Sunday Gravy” than with a Spaghetti Pot Cake!

Spaghetti Pot Cake-- TerraCotta Tile Board
(188) Spaghetti Pot Cake

Bravissimo! Strawberries!!!

The red velvet cake with white buttercream echoed the prominent colors of the spaghetti and gravy. Both the pasta and meatballs are fondant topped with strawberry puree.  And that luscious strawberry fragrance hit you as soon as you entered the room.

Spaghetti Pot Cake, Terra Cotta Tile Board
(188) Spaghetti Pot Cake

Wait….Is that a Cake?

Everyone that walked past the cake did a double take with the same question:  Is that a Cake?  Indeed it is. It’s a cake designed to celebrate 85 years of an amazing Italian life lived spectacularly in America.


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High-Heel Hatbox Cake

This cake was designed for a dear friend to celebrate the end of her cancer treatment. Brave, strong and athletic, she qualified AND ran the Boston Marathon a few years back!

When they say healthy women get breast cancer, believe it.  Since I love High-Heels and Hatboxes, I thought this design would make a perfect cancer-free celebration cake!

High-Heel Hatbox Cake in Lavender
(166) High-Heel Hatbox Lavender

I enjoy sending “get well” cakes to friends and this one was a  “Hooray, your treatment is over!” cake.  Congratulations Bizzy Coyne!  You are beautifully cancer free!!!!

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