Blue Lotus Cake

This Blue Lotus cake is a rustic design with luscious earthy flavors. The cake is a vanilla bean cream cheese pound. And the filling is a delightful blue raspberry Italian meringue buttercream. Organic raspberries are reduced then mixed into the buttercream, so when you stand near the cake the fragrance from the raspberries waifs up and is truly heavenly.

Large Gumpaste Lotus Topper, Rustic Blue Buttercream Cake
Blue Lotus Yoga Cake

This cake was designed for a Yoga Painting party at Painting with a Twist in Jenkintown. Some guests brought wine while others brought snacks. My dear kula friend Allison brought cake! She sent me a picture of the painting the group was working on, so I designed the sweets to match their lovely artwork.

Sugar Cookies with Turquoise Royal Icing , white baby lotus flowers, and a center tree pose cookie
Blue Lotus Yoga Cookies

With the cake were crisp vanilla bean butter cookies that also matched the painting. These little gems were flooded in an awesome almond royal icing. The tops of the cookies were dressed with baby lotus flowers. A Yoga “tree pose” cookie was the focal point of the cookie design. I was delighted to receive this text just before the Yoga Painting Party started:

Cookies deliciouso!!! Can’t wait to cut the cake! Thank you again!

So Why a Blue Lotus Flower?

The story of the flower is that It is rooted in mud, yet rises through the water and blooms spotless. It is like us, as we are grounded in earth but still reach for the divine. They also say that the Lotus is like the human heart. As it opens, it embraces the mind to become one heart, one mind. This flower is so dearly loved by those who practice Yoga.

So it’s not just a cake with a flower on top. It is a cake with a flower topper admired by an extremely special sect of reverent people.


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Harley Davidson Cake

This Harley Davidson Party was designed for a very special friend and neighbor. Decorated in Harley colors of orange, black and silver, the sweet table is comprised of salted caramel chocolate chip cookies, brownies, sugar cookies, cupcakes, gems, caramel chocolate pretzels, and chocolate dipped Oreos.

Harley Davidson Cake/Sweettable
Harley Davidson (125)


The bottom tier of the #HarleyCake is black with silver spikes circling the base as flames creep up the sides. The middle tier of orange sports the Harley Davidson emblem and is topped with a black fondant cycle surrounded by flames.

The crowning tier is white with another circle of flames and a “50” topper surrounded by ever more flames. This three tier armature structure of chocolate chip cream cheese pound cake filled with almond Italian meringue icing is a fun and firey focal point for a #HarleyDavidson inspired Sweet Table.

Harley Davidson 50th Birthday Cake
Harley Davidson Cake

To be backyard buddies for the past 20 plus years with this amazing family is a truly wonderful gift. Happy 50th Bob! #RideOn !!!

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Ombre Rosettes|Gold Quins

A cake fit for a princess!  This cake was designed by Katrina for daughter Brooklyn’s 3rd birthday. The ombre rosettes from dark pink to light are topped with a white tier of gold quins. To match the colors on the outside to the inside, she selected a luscious and fragrant Raspberry Buttercream as the filling.

Ombre Rosettes in Pink Hues, Gold Quins and a Princess Topper.
Pink Ombre Roses, Gold Quins, and a Princess cake topper.

I couldn’t photograph the cake naked, so I added a Princess topper, but the “real” topper made especially for Brooklyn was added after the cake left the boutique.  It was gorgeous, glittery, fit for a princess and matched the party design that sparkled with gold and pink. Happy 3rd Birthday Brooklyn!!!

After the party, I was thrilled to receive this letter from Brooklyn’s mom, Katrina:

“The cake was a HUGE hit!  Thank you, thank you!  Will definitely order again from you, Alexis!  Xo, Katrina

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