BabyStar Cupcake Tower

Stars on the cupcakes and topper cake embrace this shower’s “Twinkle, Twinkle” theme. This waiting-for-baby celebration was held at the elegant Spring Mill Country Club where the BabyStar cupcake tower was the center of the “twinkle” party table.

Baby Star Cupcake Tower
(165) BabyStar Tower

The topper cake was Chocolate Chip Pound Cake with Almond American Buttercream, covered in navy fondant, white stars, and crowned with the words  t w i n k l e .

Navy & white Baby Star Cupcake Topper Cake
(165) BabyStar Topper


The flavors of the cupcakes? Almond American Buttercream on Chocolate Chip, Lemon American Buttercream on Lemon, Caramel Swiss Meringue Buttercream on Vanilla, and Vanilla Swiss Meringue Buttercream on Red Velvet.

Navy & White Baby Star Cupcakes
(164) BabyStar Cupcakes

Congratulations to Eric and Christie DeLash!  And, wishes for happiness and joy to my good luck charm Sammie DeLash💚  This baby is sure to be the “star” of your family.

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SuperHero Baby Shower Cake

This little superhero baby traveled all the way to Delaware to make a star appearance at the Welcome Baby Smedley Shower. But the drive was long, and he fell asleep before he got there.

SuperHero Baby Shower Cake with sleeping baby topper
(163) SuperHero Baby Shower Cake


And since every superhero baby needs cookies, we made matching cookie favors in vanilla bean and almond icing.  The ribbons were tied like little tiny red capes. Congratulations Chris and Sarah.  A big thank you to Auntie Elise for selecting such a fun baby shower theme.

SuperHero Baby Onsie Shower Cookie Favors
(163) SuperHero Baby Onesie


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High-Heel Hatbox Cake

This cake was designed for a dear friend to celebrate the end of her cancer treatment. Brave, strong and athletic, she qualified AND ran the Boston Marathon a few years back!

When they say healthy women get breast cancer, believe it.  Since I love High-Heels and Hatboxes, I thought this design would make a perfect cancer-free celebration cake!

High-Heel Hatbox Cake in Lavender
(166) High-Heel Hatbox Lavender

I enjoy sending “get well” cakes to friends and this one was a  “Hooray, your treatment is over!” cake.  Congratulations Bizzy Coyne!  You are beautifully cancer free!!!!

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