Spaghetti Pot Cake

Pop-Pop’s 85!!!

Trying to keep in the spirit of 85 years of Italian heritage AND birthday awesomeness, this Spaghetti Pot Cake  was created  to celebrate my father-in-law’s 85th birthday.

Spaghetti Pot Cake, Terra Cotta Tile Board
(188) Spaghetti Pot Cake

Ahhh That Amazing Sunday Gravy!

Even though 65 of his 85 years were spent in  America, that long, beautiful Boot of Italy continues to stretch across the ocean remaining the homeland of his heart. What better way to celebrate the old school tradition of “Sunday Gravy” than with a Spaghetti Pot Cake!

Spaghetti Pot Cake-- TerraCotta Tile Board
(188) Spaghetti Pot Cake

Bravissimo! Strawberries!!!

The red velvet cake with white buttercream echoed the prominent colors of the spaghetti and gravy. Both the pasta and meatballs are fondant topped with strawberry puree.  And that luscious strawberry fragrance hit you as soon as you entered the room.

Spaghetti Pot Cake, Terra Cotta Tile Board
(188) Spaghetti Pot Cake

Wait….Is that a Cake?

Everyone that walked past the cake did a double take with the same question:  Is that a Cake?  Indeed it is. It’s a cake designed to celebrate 85 years of an amazing Italian life lived spectacularly in America.


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White-Black-Gold Birthday Celebration

Sara’s Turning 60!

This white, black, and gold party table was created for a 60th birthday celebration held at the historically gorgeous Doylestown Inn.

BlackWhiteGold Sweet Table 60th Birthday Party 2 Tier Cake, White & Gold Cake Pops
(187)BlackWhiteGold Table


Oh, that magical, elegant element…gold!

The cake is a two-tier vanilla cake covered in fondant and sprinkled with gold. The fantasy flowers have a bit of that magic added to their edges. So pretty in white, black and that gold.

White two tier fondant cake with gold sugar ledges, white and black fondant fantasy flowers tipped in gold
(187) White Black Gold Celebration Cake


It’s not a party until someone breaks into the cake-pops!

These sticks-up cake-pops are filled with a luscious, black speckled banana cake dipped in white Belgian chocolate and sprinkled with bits of gold. These babies are nibbled early because they pair so fabulously with signature drinks. Cake pops and champagne? Absolutely–it’s a lifestyle for some.

White Cake Pops with Gold Sugar
(187) White&Gold CakePops


Okay, Cookie….it’s time to drink libations and dance on the tables!

Since forever, chocolate chip cookies have been invited to parties. These caramel drizzled dolls are dressed up for their elegant cocktail party appearance with fondant flowers and a fondant name plaque.

(187) Choc.Chip Cookies with salted caramel, white fondant flowers, "SARA" fondant name plaque
(187) Choc.Chip Cookies


Oh, what a night!

A fantastic party!  An awesome group of friends! Happy, Happy 60 Sara!!!

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Temple University Grad Party

This dessert bar was created to be the heart of a Temple University grad party. The area above the fold displayed two cupcake towers filled with vanilla and chocolate cupcakes frosted with vanilla, chocolate, and raspberry buttercreams. The center cake was a chocolate chip pound with almond icing.  The base was covered with a black fondant skyline. Topping both cake tiers and both towers were fresh roses in a deep scarlet hue.

Two cupcake towers with mini cuppies, bank a two-tier buttercream cake with fresh red roses and black fondant skyline base. "T", white daisy, and chocolate chip cookies, orange macarons, gold flecked and mini oreos.
(186) Temple University Grad PartyTable

Below the fold, the display embraced plates of orange macarons, chocolate chip cookies, and gold streaked chocolate dipped mini Oreos. And, you can’t have a TempleGradParty without “T” cookies.

Temple "T" cookies sprinkled across a base of white daisy cookies
(186) Temple Universtiy Grad Cookies

In the center of the cookie display was a cookie plaque with the graduate’s name, year, and “T” cookies. At the front of the table was a  wooden hashtag sentiment of #I DID IT!  And so you did Coleen!  Congratulations from one Alumna to another.  And wishes for a glorious future and career!

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