Scarlet Letter to 3D Owl Cakes

Cake designing—without a degree—makes about as much sense as pursuing a master’s in a subject you are terrible at such as English, yet both have been my life path and passion.

The turning point was when I promised a friend I would do a cake for her event, and I wanted to surprise her with something spectacular like a 3D cake–even though I had never made a 3D anything.

I passionately faced a stack of un-iced cake layers. It was the same as facing blank pages during my academic perils, but instead of struggling to come up with a thesis, I was striving to come up with a recognizable design.

With desperate optimism, I said to the cake stack, “Look here, at the end of this night you are either going to be a discernible owl, and I’m going to call myself a baker or you are going to be one hot mess of icing and crumbs, and I am going to have to rethink this thing.”

Shortly after midnight, Oliver the Transvestite Owl emerged from a confectionary rubble—not as menacing as the mascot he was supposed to be replicating but he/she was chic and trendy.

If those Ivy League professors could’ve seen me talking thesis trash at 3:00 AM to a transvestite owl— damned they’d have been proud.


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    Oliver, the Transvestite Owl

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    The cake stack that decided my future

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Yin Yang: It’s a Nike Thing

It’s all a matter of balance, right?—sugar, salt, butter, flour or veggies and omega 3s. Is a large cupcake and a little sushi after exercise the same as a small cupcake and a lot of sushi– sans the exercise?

sushi & cuppi

It’s a balance issue which is the principle behind Just Do It.  For over 25 years, Nike has been working to help cake-lovers achieve parity between cake-eating and exercise, which is why Nike continues to use cake-eating athletes in their ads.  Note the determination on their faces as they head to the finish line and that next slice of cake.

With a little help from Yin and Yang and that balance thing, you CAN have your cake and eat it too. Remember to Just Do It or something close to it—to burn some calories so that you can swiftly arrive at that next slice of cake.

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There’s a New Baker in Town

There is a new baker in town and apparently it’s me. Since I have always loved baking (and parties), today seems like the perfect time to pursue a much loved passion.

This video starts with my initial design—a button cake—and ends with a 3D owl–my first official event for Kampus Klothes.

Starting a business at 57 might seem crazy to some, but for me it’s just another beginning. So cheers to new beginnings, no matter what our age.

Author C. S. Lewis, who published the first book in the series Chronicles of Narnia at age 52 and the seventh and final in the series at 58, is known for his optimistic philosophical panoramas on life—hatched a marvelous mantra, still timeless in its sanguiness:

We are never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream.

Dreaming new dreams is how I would like to spend the rest of my days. Today, a cake boutique and tomorrow, who knows what I will discover. The possibilities seem endless at every stage of life.

And I hope for us all that we remain open to the possibilities of change, follow our adventures—fully and feverishly, and that each age is filled with lots and lots of scrumptious, beautiful cake.

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