Winterland Birthday

Winter Birthday Cake
Snow, Snowflakes, Snowballs and Cocoa


 With its delicate 4” and 6” tiers of Chocolate Cake filled with Chocolate Buttercream. this cake tastes as rich as a mug of hot cocoa. 

Winter Birthday Cake
Snowflake Cake Topper

 Snowflakes circle the Birthday number, creating a wintry wonderland cake topper.

Pastel Fondant Cookies
Snowflake Cookies

 The snowflake cookies covered in pastel fondant were designed for  Lady Win’s coordinating tea party.  Happy 3rd Birthday!

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The Novel Baker Opens

Who am I? I am a person who loves—no adores–confections of all kinds: cakes, cookies, cupcakes, macaroons, cake pops, truffles, almost anything dipped in chocolate.  I have loved them all since…well, forever.


In honor of National Small Business Week, I’m taking the plunge and launching the small business I have been working on. The website is almost complete–the recipes and designs–tweaked.  Pinterest and Facebook called. Who knew they actually did that?

Who am I? I am a person, who most unexpectedly, is heading toward 60, a first time entrepreneur. And why not? Cake has been in my

heart for years and cake boutique-ing  is such a fabulous way to spend one’s days—surrounded by charming, luscious  cakes that put smiles on faces, joy in hearts.  My days are now an obsession of flavors, fondants and celebrations. So Who Am I?  I am….

TheNovelBaker.comHappy National Small Business Week! The best part?  Working p/t with my new/old partner–Al.


Crazy for Cake


As an advocate for icing, I am relentlessly crazy for cake, cookies, cake pops, cupcakes, and macarons. But not so much for pie.

A perfectly flaked crust looks bald even if it is a la mode and cannot compare to a perfectly swirled pyramid of icing.

Since the beginning of time, it’s always been about the icing.  I think Moses said that.


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